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PSS BAe Hawk

June 2016 Issue

FRONT COVER: The model is a PSS BAe Hawk, built by Matt Jones from the popular Andy Conway plans. With a 34" span and an AUW of ~2lb, this fully built up model has a sporty performance on the slope with 2 channel R/C controlling ailerons and an all-moving tailplane. The model is now owned by Andy Meade, and it is Andy at the controls when the photo was taken on 17th April this year a fast low run towards the end of a fantastic weekends flying on the Great Orme, Wales. Photo by Phil Cooke Power Scale Soaring Association <http://www.pssaonline.co.uk> for more information on this event.
Canon EOS 70D, ISO300, 1/1600 sec., f5.6, 220mm

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Martin Simons'
Thermal Soaring

Walter Jaburek of Vienna Austria has scanned the complete Understanding Thermal Soaring Sailplanes series written by Martin Simons and created a single PDF which includes all of the articles. This series of articles appeared in RCSD starting in January 1990 and ending in the November 1991 issue. There are direct references to F3J, which had just been made an official event, but the topics covered are easily related to all forms of RC soaring. Topics include the sailpane polar, weight and ballast, turning, drag, scale effects, performance calculation, moment arms and tail volumes, and horizontal stabilizer considerations, along with numerous others. Well worth the 5.6MB download.

RC Soaring Digest / B2Streamlines is pleased to be able to make available the DIAMANT Archive containing materials belonging to Art T. Babiarz, Jr., owner and caretaker of Flug- und- Fahrzeugwerke AG DIAMANT 16.5, serial number 012, N1193, XX. This vast amount of material is more than likely the largest collection of DIAMANT information in existence.


PDF versions of Slope Soaring News, published February 1988 through February/February 1990 by Charlie Morey. All twenty issues are now available for downloading.

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 * Brian Agnew, holder of 15 national titles, shares his expertise regarding trimming an R/C sailplane. (HTML)

 * Dr. Michael Selig wrote two important articles for RCSD sometime ago, and he has given us permission to post both articles on this web site - "Flies Faster" and "The Square-Cube Law and Scaling for RC Sailplanes." (HTML)

 * "Scaling Sailplanes," a chapter from the book "Sailplanes!" by Dr. Ferdinando Gale and Aldo Calza, is now available as a PDF document (2.2 MB). Written by Dr. Gale, this 53 page treatise explores the physics behind obtaining "scale" performance from a miniature glider. Includes aerodynamic principles and construction materials.

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