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Andy Meade's U-2

May 2018 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: A PSS Lockheed U-2 by Andy Meade is seen here prowling the clear skies over Cheshire, UK. This impressive model is of all built up construction and finished with ’glass. It spans 108” and has a flying weight of 10 lbs. An additional photo of this model can be seen on page 4 of this issue. Photo by Phil Cooke – PSSA <http://www.pssaonline.co.uk>.
Canon EOS 7D, ISO 250, 1/1600 sec., f6.3, 360mm


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  • Two Oceans Slope Soarers - Tenth Annual Aerobatics Event 2018 -  Complete coverage by Steve Meusel, with photos by Doug Ross, Darren Semple and Nic Steffen.

 • Milang F5J/F3J Competition 2018 - Kevin "Rowdy" Botherway shares the experiences of six intrepid Kiwis who make the trip to just outside Adelaide, South Australia, for this Southern Soaring League annual event.

 • New web site
- Buzz Waltz R/C Designs.

 • CIAM Agenda 2018 - Submitted rules changes for FAI Classes F3F and F3J.

 • Aerotow candidate - Gothaer Waggonfabrik Gotha Go 242 -  A rather unique troop glider design which was used extensively in WWII. Roughly the same size as the Waco CG-4A but with greater capacity and better performance.

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