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March 2018 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: Peter Kircher's Xplorer coming in for a landing over a field of colorful wild flowers.
Photo by Marko BuBi Velickov.
Nikon D7100, 1/1600 sec., f5.3, 140mm


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  An Innovative Method for Acoustically Rendering Climb Data for Model Gliders Using Shepard Tones -  Mapping two different altitudes which are hard to separate optically by way of two different tones with nearly equal pitches which otherwise can hardly be distinguished. By Helmut Stettmaier.

  2nd Annual F5J Trophy Event - Text and photo coverage of the November 2017 event held at the NAAS field just outside Canberra on the first weekend in November 2017. Reprinted from Electric & Glider FLIGHT Australia, No. 11, January2018, pp. 3-7, Peter Pine, Editor.

  Millennium Cup Goes Electric - 
By Colin Woodward. Reprinted from Electric & Glider FLIGHT Australia -No. 11 - January 2018, pp. 12-13, with complete rules included.

  Florida Soaring Society FSS#1 - Text and photo coverage of the recent Florida Soaring Society event in Christmas, Florida, late January. 

  Dover partners with AFRL to innovate in fuel efficiency -  The Air Force Research Laboratories adds Microvanes to the rear of a C-17 at Dover Air Force Base.

  PSS Candidate - Hawker Hunter - A very streamlined and graceful aircraft with relatively small engine intake openings and a large wing area.

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