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Flanker at the Bwlch

March 2017 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker built by Matt Jones from the Andy Conway PSS plans.  Model is now owned and flown here by Bob Jennings. It is finished in the colours of the Ukrainian Air Force.  The model is seen here soon after launch at the Bwlch, South Wales, May 2016.  Photo by Phil Cooke, PSSA, <http://www.pssaonline.co.uk>
Canon EOS 7D, 1/1250 sec., f5.0, 100mm


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  • Gordy's Travels - Winter Blues and the "New" (to the USA) F3RES Class - Gordy Stahl investigates F3RES through interviews with experienced aeromodellers and provides data on several of the kits/ARFs available for contest work. Also see "Tips for F3RES Airframes" by Larry Jolly on page 18.

 • NASA/MIT Morphing Wing
- By Beth Stackpole, Digital Engineering.

 • Kinetic Transonic DP 
- With a specially designed airfoil, this new DS ’ship looks like another record breaker. By Spencer Lisenby.

 • Three Books by Vittorio Pajno  -
"Sailplane Design," "Light Airplane and Glider Static and Dynamic Stability," and "Sailplane Design Example." Information courtesy of Paul E. Remde / Cumulus Soaring, Inc. <https://www.cumulus-soaring.com>.

 • Airfoil System for Cruising Flight  - Biologically inspired wing flow control uses a flexible extended trailing edge. From NASA TechBriefs.

 • On the ’Wing... - The Integrated Minimum Drag Solution - More about PRANDTL-D from NASA TechBriefs.

 • Tom's Tips - Center between two holes - Tom Broeski explains the methods.

 • Candidate for the slope - Archangel 1 - One of the initial designs on the road to the A-12 / SR-71.

 • Aer-O-Tec Takeo - A 3.6m sailplane or electric power airframe. Reasonable price and comes with its own aluminum travel case!

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