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July 2017 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: Markus Portmann's 5.33m ASK-18. Construction photos begin on page 11 of this edition.
Olympus FE-140,X-725, ISO 80, 1/1000 sec., f3.1 


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  Contest Tips & Lessons Learned - Paul Naton, Radio Carbon Art, picked up a few valuable lessons at the 2016 "Polecat" ALES event.

  Markus Portmann's 1:3 scale ASK-18 
- Construction photos of a beautiful scale project.

  Alessandro (Alex) Villa's KA-7 - 
Construction notes, including changes made, and flying report for the 2m Jamara all wood kit.

  Dust Buster LiPo hack - 
Paul Nation, Radio Carbon Art, replaces the classic shop vacuum NiCd batteries with a Lithium pack. Cool!

  Balsa Stripper and Balsa Fence - Barrie Russell describes two valuable shop tools designed by David Plumpe. Purloined from the Model Flying Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, web site <http://www.mfhb.org.nz>. Plans included!

  NRL Tests Autonomous "Soaring with Solar" Concept - A U.S. Naval Research Laboratory project.

  Identifying the flow physics and modeling transient forces on two-dimensional wings
- AFRL-0250, Air Force Research Laboratory. Note: Only the introduction to this article is included in the Yahoo! Groups version.

  The Landing Area Penalty Rule - 
Gordy Stahl explains the new AMA RC soaring rule.

  Slope candidate - Northrop YA-9A -  The alternative to the A-10 Thunderbolt/Warthog.

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