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Garwood & DAW 1-26

December 2017 issue highlights

FRONTCOVER: Front cover: Dave Garwood flies the new Magnum Models DAW 1-26over a low sand dune at Cape Cod Bay. Dave's "build-n-fly" reviewbegins on page 5 of this issue.
Photo by Jan Carstanjen of Brewster, Massachusetts.
iPhone 6s, ISO 25, 1/2650 sec., f2.2


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  • Review - DAW 1-26 -  Dave Garwood builds and flies the recently reintroduced classic slope soarer now kitted by Magnum Models.

 • Photo Album - GPS-Triangle World Masters 2017 - Photographs by Gerd Holzner.

 • Flutter - 
Chuck Anderson tackles this aero-mechanical phenomenon and provides a few potential solutions.

 • Thermal Training Notes -Through text and numerous sketches Marcus Stent explains the dynamics of thermals and how to exploit the capabilities of your soaring machine.

 • Slopers in the mists -  Flying visible airflows at Timberwolf Mountain, Washington. Philip Randolph.
Ralph Barnaby and the Prüfling Secondary Glider -  Ralph Barnaby's role in popularizing gliding in the United States, featuring text excerpts and photos from Barnaby's “Gliders and Gliding.” By Simine Short of the Vintage Sailplane Association.

 • No engine landing in a Piper Cub, literally! -  Robin Reid relates his experiences flying a restored TG-8 (and TaylorcraftTG-6). Reprinted from Bungee Cord, the journal of the Vintage Sailplane Association, with additional photos courtesy of Simine Short.

 • How to achieve a straight square edge -  Scott Keller describes a simple DIY shop tool.

 • Restoring a 1975 Hobie Hawk -  Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art had wanted a Hobie Hawk since 1975... ...and now he has one! This is Part 1 of a series.

 • Brian Austin's Watts New Mk2 -  Looking for a wood F5J machine to compete with the moulded ’ships? This 3.8m span machine may be it! Full size plans available from the designer.

 • Slope Soaring Candidate - Sukhoi T-50 / Su-57 -  Russia's fifth generation fighter.

 • NACA P-51B drag studies, 1945 -  Excerpts from National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Wartime Report ACR No.4K02 with additional photos from the NASA archives.

 • Solstice Flight -  Paul Naton describes his longest-day-of-the-year flight with his F5J Euphoria V2.


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