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June 2017 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: Steve McLaren’s Panavia Tornado GR1, built from the Andy Conway PSS plans.  Model spans 40" and has an AUW of ~3lb.  Hand painted finish in the colour of RAF 15 Sqn the model is regularly flown with wingstores to great effect!  Model is seen here soon after launch at the Bwlch, South Wales, May 2016.  Photo by Phil Cooke – PSSA – more info at <http://www.pssaonline.co.uk>.
Canon EOS 7D, ISO 10, 1/1250 sec., f5, 100 mm


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  • The Sokol Glider - Uroš Šoštarič examines this postwar sailplane, circa 1947, and describes in detail the building of a 1:2.53 scale model by Brane Volk. The resulting model spans six meters and is a beautiful rendition of the original.

 • Egret and Kite
- Two wood sailplanes — 2 meter and 100" spans — designed by Tony Beck. An introduction to the overall design philosophy, a complete illustrated construction manual, plus links to downloadable full size plans (PDF).

 • How to lose or break perfectly good slope planes. Bother. - 
Everything you need to know about avoiding catastrophic events on the slope. By Philip Randolph

 • Slope candidate - Bell X-2 "Starbuster"  - 
Although it has a less than sparkling and some might say depressing history, slope soaring enthusiasts may find this aircraft to be well worth modelling. This would be especially true if an identically scaled B-50 could serve as "mother ship."

 • Panelling a Wing with Plywood - John Greenfield's five videos describe the use of PVA and heat to mold a D-tube. Loads of fool-proof information in under a half hour. Videos downloadable from <http://www.scalesoaring.co.uk/>.

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